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And how are the children?

Rev. James Moos, Executive Minister for the UCC’s Wider Church Ministries

The semi-nomadic Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania maintains many of its cultural traditions, even as it engages the modern world. To this day, the Maasai use the traditional greeting of Kasserian ingera. It means, “And how are the children?” It reflects the high value the Maasai have always placed on their children’s well being. The hoped-for answer is, “All the children are well.” Continue reading And how are the children?

Behold your signs of guidance . . .

Anyone who launches on an unfamiliar journey will usually rely upon some form of guidance, whether by map or more modern GPS (Global Positioning System).

In mankind’s infancy such guidance often came from the foot or hoof prints of man and beast having gone before, graduating to maps of various kinds to present day modern technology. As man continues to progress physically, intellectually and scientifically such methods continue to provide more scientific results. Continue reading Behold your signs of guidance . . .

Changing our hearts to change the world

Jessie Palatucci, Online Communications Specialist

We are living in a time of flux. In the last 12 months alone we, the USA, have been forced to confront a range of moral challenges including issues of racism, police violence, mass incarceration, immigration, LGBT rights and rape culture. There is a lot happening. And the stakes – people’s very lives – are high. As someone who engages in online community building, this has been an incredible moment to witness. People are sharing their stories. Occasionally those stories are breaking through our public consciousness and leading to meaningful change. It is an extraordinary thing to behold. Continue reading Changing our hearts to change the world

The value, purpose and power of unity in diversity

Nature itself is the epitome of diversity as all things of nature are distinctively different, yet each contributes in some way to the whole.

It was a child’s book during Baha’i children’s classes many years ago that brought out the simplistic truth of it while comparing it with the human body. The exterior eyes, the ears, hair, skin, teeth, legs, feet, and interior veins, arteries, etc., all totally different in shape, sizes, color and composition with each serving a different purpose. Yet the proper function of each is essential in forming a complete whole. Continue reading The value, purpose and power of unity in diversity

Reading changes lives!

by Brentley deBardelaben, Minister for Communication

My grandmother used to say, “Being blessed by God is wonderful, but being a blessing to others because God blessed you is more important.” While I was not raised in a household where attending Sunday morning worship was highly valued, it was still important to my parents that they raise children who understood that service to those less fortunate was a an essential part of being a good, responsible, and educated person. Because of this, I began tutoring students in reading and math skills when I was twelve years old. It was something I enjoyed and had the temperament to do. Continue reading Reading changes lives!

It’s “all in the family” – of mankind . . .

Having gone through the stages of infancy and turbulent adolescence, humanity is now approaching maturity, a stage that will witness “the reconstruction and the demilitarization of the whole civilized world–a world organically unified in all the essential aspects of its life. In no other country is the promise of organic unity more immediately demonstrable than in the US as it is already most representative of a microcosm of the diverse peoples of the earth! Continue reading It’s “all in the family” – of mankind . . .