Beginnings & Endings…

Every ending must have a beginning, and every beginning must have an ending at some point and time.

We stand once again at the beginning of another New Year ever mindful of the fact although there are so many who didn’t make it! Our respective gains and losses are determined however by “different strokes for different folks.”

Faithful Roanoke Tribune readers and subscribers and loyal personnel in particular must have been overwhelmed at the number of obituaries alone in last year’s final issue. Likewise how many were in the special Christmas related services and other activities adversely affected by the same.

This year in particular holds a significant ending, that of our nation’s highest political official as President of the United States!

Within each and every family also exist special memories of particular beginnings and endings pleasant and unpleasant; some unavoidable with others circumstantial.

Last year in particular left in its wake numerous highly respected and loved individuals both personal and professional. But rather than simply mourn their absence, may we use the decreasing pain as a more appreciative and more vividly reminder of their presence! I am especially appreciative, however of our faithful readers and subscribers and of the exceptional small but devoted Tribune staff. I dare not start naming names for fear of too many omissions!

Simply put: have a “Happy, Responsible, Loving, and Caring New Year” that will return the favor to all of the caring, the lovable, and especially the unlovable-who need love more than anyone else as we enter another Healthy & Happy New Year!