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Black History’s link to a Happy Valentine’s World

The month of February, the shortest of the year, continues to gain increasing significance through its widening exposure upon becoming Black History month.

When addressing an all-White male organization on one occasion during Black History month, I was challenged to name any contribution of Blacks to society. I was more saddened than offended by the challenge to be so blatantly confronted with the generally assumed fact that American History has been so shamefully marked with omissions, distortions and blatant “lies agreed upon” (as journalist Tony Brown puts it). Such lack of understanding clearly denotes lack of knowledge–which generally denotes lack of interest. Continue reading Black History’s link to a Happy Valentine’s World

We have a heart condition

by Sandy Sorensen,
Director of the Washington, DC, office of the United Church of Christ

With the 2016 presidential campaign accelerating into high gear, and spring primary elections not far off on the horizon, much of the public dialogue and attention is on the candidates themselves.  However, there is relatively little national conversation about the current process of voting itself.  This is troubling given that voters will go to the polls in November for the first presidential election in 50 years without key protections contained in the Voting Rights Act, which was significantly rolled back by a 2013 Supreme Court ruling. Continue reading We have a heart condition