Empowering tomorrow’s leaders

NAACP– from left: Paris Scott, Sanaia Bryant, Christian Burnette, Olivia Davoll, Simone Bryant, Maya West & Lorena Taylor-Rollins Wilson. Not pictured: Gloria Randolph-King and Dawn Bryant.

 The NAACP Youth Council is proud to present its esteemed 2023-2024 Executive Board, a group of passionate and dedicated young leaders committed to promoting equality, justice, and positive change within their community. Under the invaluable guidance of Youth Advisor Gloria Randolph-King, this new team is poised to make a lasting impact on social justice.

Mrs. King, a revered community leader and advocate for social justice, has taken on the role of Youth Advisor. With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication to empowering young minds, she will undoubtedly inspire the council members to become formidable agents of change.

Leading the council as President is Olivia Davoll, a driven and accomplished rising senior at Northside High School. With her remarkable leadership qualities and commitment to social activism, Olivia is determined to steer the council toward meaningful initiatives that address pressing issues within the community.

Christian Burnette, a rising sophomore at Patrick Henry High School, assumes the position of first vice president and has a passion for social justice and a drive to uplift the voices of all youth.

Sanaia Bryant, a rising junior at William Fleming High School, elected as second vice president is dedicated to fostering a more equitable environment and will play a pivotal role in promoting the council’s initiatives.

Handling the council’s financial affairs as Treasurer is Simone Bryant, another rising junior from William Fleming High School whose financial insight and sense of responsibility will ensure that the council’s resources are utilized efficiently to support its mission.

Paris Scott, a rising 8th grader at Northside Middle School, takes on the important role of secretary and despite being the youngest member of the team, brings a fresh perspective and organizational skills that will contribute significantly to the council’s success.

Supporting Paris is Maya West serving as the Assistant Secretary bringing her enthusiasm and dedication to further enhancing the council’s administrative capabilities.

The NAACP Youth Council is also honored to have Lorena Taylor-Rollins Wilson as the 1st co-advisor and Dawn Bryant as the 2nd co-advisor. These experienced advisors will provide essential guidance and mentorship to the executive board, ensuring they stay focused on their mission.

The installation of officers took place on July 09, 2023, with Councilwoman Trish White-Boyd presiding over the ceremony whose presence and support have further strengthened the council’s resolve to achieve its goal. We extend heartfelt gratitude to Councilwoman Trish White-Boyd for her gracious presence and encouragement during our installation of officers.

The NAACP Youth Council’s 2023-2024 Executive Board is well prepared and eager to embark on its journey of social justice advocacy.

For more information on the NAACP Youth Council and its upcoming initiatives, please feel free to contact Gloria Randolph-King 540.793.0811, Lorena Taylor-Rollins Wilson 540.815.4584, or Dawn Bryant at 540.793.0948.