Happy New Millennium

Every beginning has an ending and every ending is followed by a new beginning.

Every morn is followed by evening and each evening precedes a glorious morn with the darkest part of the night being just before dawn.

Thus continues the perpetual cycle of existence on this plane. In the Baha’i writings we are reminded that “Absolute repose does not exist in nature. All things either make progress or lose ground…nothing is without motion.”

In animal and plant life alike progress continues from infancy to different stages of maturity and then begins to steadily decline until the inevitable transformation into different matter. In man alone does much of this progress-or lack of it-depend upon violation.

It is recorded in the Holy Bible that “God created man in His own image…” but then endowed him with the dangerous weapon of choice. With that dangerous weapon we have chosen to disobey the laws of God and man; to disrespect-ourselves and the differences in others and refuse to discipline our precious freedoms that others might exercise less discipline over us.

It is quite apparent that the more freedom we enjoy the less we appreciate it, especially when that freedom is acquired through fame and perceived fortune which allows more freedom to squander it. Equally unfortunate is that the more time we save with ultra-modern devices and conveniences, the less we do with it and fewer are the people who benefit from it including our own immediate family. Our ability to discipline these freedoms is what determines whether we soar to limitless heights or self-destruct. The expression “abuse it and lose it” is especially applicable to freedom.

As we enter another New Year it is our hope that we choose to reflect on the unparalleled freedoms and advancements in science and technology made during the most unique period in the history of man.

In a planet which spans millions of years, this particular century alone has was witnessed more rapid advancement than all former ages combined! Not signalizing the end of the world but the end of an era and the beginning of a new stage of maturity in mankind. Having reached physical and mental maturity mankind is now entering the phase of spiritual maturity through which world peace will inevitably come. How it comes, however is yet the “choice” of world leaders, according to the Baha’i writings, who will determine if it comes “through consultative will or through unimaginable horrors.”

During this millennium, may we choose to become more knowledgeable of the laws of God and man, and more obedient to both, as the more we obey God, the less we will infringe upon the laws of man. Through such knowledge and obedience we will inevitably make peace with ourselves and God and become more respectful of ourselves and others; more loving and subsequently more lovable, all components of peaceful cohabitation on personal and world family scale assuring us a Happy Peaceful Millennium!