Meet the newest VPs of United Way of Roanoke Valley

By Lee Pierre

From left: Cheryl Mosley, Kianna Price Marshall, and Alisha Childress

United Way of Roanoke Valley (UWRV) has added three vibrant females to its staff. Alisha Childress as VP of Resource Development, Kianna Price Marshall as VP of Marketing and Communications, and Cheryl Mosley as VP of Community Impact make up a team of brilliant females who are bound to make a difference at United Way.

The newest members of the senior leadership team are natives of Roanoke and proud graduates of Roanoke City Public Schools.

Alisha Childress feels that working at UWRV aligns with her passion and calling to serve her community as well as collaborate with neighbors, friends, and community organizations. As VP of Resource Development, Childress leads fundraising efforts by providing various engagement opportunities such as workplace campaigns, corporate gifts, workplace special events, sponsorships, and volunteer opportunities.

The idea is to “share the community impact and stories of those served, drive home the importance and urgency to give and help connect community members to UWRV and other available community resources,” said Childress.

‘Being born, raised, and returned’ to Roanoke is significant to how Childress feels about her new position. She says she proudly represents Roanoke, 24017, Roanoke City Public Schools, and is part of the first City Youth Commission.

“I’m simply proud and feel supported. It feels great to run into and work with people and businesses I have respected my entire life as well as teachers from grade school who are now colleagues. I am honored to be able to champion, support, and thank the amazing businesses and community partners that have made such a positive impact in our area,” remarked Childress.

Working with UWRV really allowed for the motto of “better together” to be true and exactly what is needed in our area.

This past spring Childress was joined by Cheryl Mosely who brings years of servant leadership and passion for her local community as the new Vice President of Community Impact.

Cheryl has a heart for matters regarding social justice, equity, and empowering others and sees her position at UWRV as part of her life’s purpose. Her career in the non-profit sector began in an administrative role 20 years ago at TAP. She volunteers on several local boards and committees including, the Roanoke Cultural Endowment, VA CARES, Inc., Restoring Hope Roanoke, NW Grocery Hub Stakeholder Committee, and Trajectory Community Development Corporation Steering Committee.

“I am excited to bring years of service leadership and love for my community as well as my perspective and experience to my role at United Way,” she said.

Mosley understands that in order to become more involved in the community at every level she needs to be brave enough to step outside of the norms and wise enough to know that it requires more than just her – it requires a communal approach in order to mobilize true transformation.

“This position takes a radical community awareness and authentic love for people in which I hope to be a catalyst for deep and meaningful community impact for generations to come,” she said.

The newest Vice President of the senior leadership team is Kianna Price Marshall. For fifteen years, Marshall collaborated with numerous nonprofit organizations during her broadcast journalism career in addition to serving on a variety of nonprofit boards within the Roanoke Valley.

Looking for a change, Marshall wanted the next stage of her professional career to continue to have a meaningful purpose as well as continue to make a difference in the community.  

“It was important to me to work in a space that not only helps the most vulnerable members of our community but also respects and values its employees. United Way of Roanoke Valley met these criteria while also providing a positive and fulfilling work culture,” Marshall said.

She further stated how she felt it is an honor to work for the largest nonprofit organization in the world and be able to create lasting change in the community. Through collaborative solutions, UWRV works to lift individuals and families to a position of stability and ensure that local families are fed, housed, and have access to affordable healthcare services as well as quality educational opportunities.

“I am honored to share the stories of those who deserve to be heard while promoting the incredible impact of the United Way of Roanoke Valley.”

All three women are excited to serve together in these executive leadership roles and do not take for granted the rarity of doing so alongside women of color who are passionate, intelligent, and genuinely care about elevating people. Each brings their full self to the United Way team, understanding it as an empowering experience.

“The fact that most of this senior team are women of color speaks volumes about this organization. Being the newest leader on the senior leadership team, I knew that if I was hired for this position, I would be joining one powerhouse team. I also knew that it was beyond the color of our skin that made us highly qualified for our positions,” Marshall added.

“I feel confident that my voice and ideas are being heard and respected. The opportunity of having this position and responsibility is one taken seriously with hopes that I am an inspiration to other women of color, especially younger women of color who can do this, and have a positive impact on the workplace, the culture, and community at large,” Childress said.

The new positions give these women the chance to work with a diverse group of experienced leaders committed to identifying and fulfilling the critical needs of families and individuals in the region. United Way of Roanoke Valley strives to be a model of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its mission. UWRV seeks to represent and advocate for the people who make up the community. The organization also employs and promotes individuals, recruits volunteers, and partners with programs that inclusively support the diversity of the region.

Childress, Marshall, and Mosley, a diverse group of experienced leaders, bring years of experience, expertise, bravery, and dedication to the Roanoke Valley that is both refreshing and powerful. Individually these three community leaders have made a difference within our community, but we cannot wait to see the greater impact this “Dynamic Trio” will make together for the Roanoke Valley.