“One of Ours”

Dr. Soyini N. D. Fraser

A child of our community’s soil who was nurtured, inspired, taught, prayed over and encouraged has completed this “junction” of her educational training – a chapter in her life. Dr. Soyini N. D. Fraser completed her studies December 2022 and received her Doctor of Nurse Practice from the Nurse Anesthesiology Program at the University of North Florida’s Brookside College of Health, School of Nursing located in Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Fraser was one of 25 ICU Registered Nurses out of 250 applicants accepted to the three-year doctoral program where expectations, performance and accountability were intense.

Soyini’s parents, Lennard and Suzanne Dearing-Fraser are thankfully proud of her goals coming to fruition and celebrate ‘The Gifts’ bestowed upon her by Our Creator, who divinely orchestrated the choices she’s made on her journey. In this recognition, we celebrate the love, prayers and support from family and friends. This family continues to be part of encouraging others to gratefully and thankfully nurture their gifts from above and their journey will never be forsaken. “Community, we’re still on the clock!”