Refining the Delicate Art of Communication

Each species in nature has its own unique means of communication. All creatures of air, land and marine life, without exception have their respective perfect communicative order, unaltered by time, especially among the bees, ants and other insects. Man alone in all creation has the power and the intellect to alter communications and in so doing, through highly advanced science and technology, has developed the art far beyond imagination, while the art of personal communication still suffers greatly.

We continue to spend multi-$billions in the attempt to communicate with life forms on other planets yet have lost our ability to communicate with family members within our own homes. We have become further divided by the manipulative communication of television, cell phones, unrestricted access to the world through the internet and other ever advancing electronic devices and techniques. The results, all creatures of nature continue to communicate in perfect harmony–except man, endowed with capacity superior to all other creation but entrusted with the dangerous weapon of free will which most will inevitably abuse.

Of the freedoms protected by our nation’s Constitution we have now confused some to the point of disbelief as with the multitude of questionable expressions of “Freedom of Speech.” This list can include anything from flag burning, to foul language, to fashion fads that expose portions of the anatomy (front and back) which would have been considered tasteless and repulsive during other times or generations. It is hard to believe that the freedoms referred to in the framing of our nation’s Constitution was designed to free individuals to be as vulgar and disrespectful of themselves and others as they want to be. The mixed messages of such abysmal communication can never have any positive effect upon society. Instead just the opposite occurs with each trying to prove to the other just “how low you can go.” What messages do we send to the Creator and His creation when we use our superior intellect and God-given talents to disrespect Him, others and ourselves with our prostitution of the arts, extortion of His creatures and total disrespect for all of nature.

Such “Liberty must in the end lead to sedition whose flames none can quench,” we read in the Baha’i Writings. “Liberty causes man to overstep the bounds of propriety and to infringe upon the dignity of his station. It debaseth him to the level of extreme depravity and wickedness.”

As we view the world today the fact becomes increasingly clear that the quality and extent of our entire existence on this planet is totally dependent upon our ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with one another, from individual family to world family status. For with our ever increasing scientific and technological advancement the world has indeed become too small for anything but brotherhood, and far too dangerous for anything but peace.

It’s high time we refine the delicate art of communication.