Sharing – Day Book devotional gems . . .

Turtle Talk

When one develops the habit of daily devotions it becomes easier to bring spiritual perspective to our daily lives while encouraging others to do the same–once it becomes evident in us. It also helps us to identify our purpose in life (unique to us alone) and protects us from easily forgetting it. But we must be patient with ourselves, lest we become discouraged, and patient with others, lest we become a source of discouragement to them.

Unique to this New Revelation interpretation of Baha’i Scriptures is forbidden by anyone (one of its many distinguishing features that protects it from division). I am immeasurably blessed to be in a position to share some of these Pearls of Wisdom with thousands each week to meditate on and discuss from different perspectives as same messages sometimes have different meanings as we grow physically and spiritually. Therefore different understandings are not viewed as right or wrong but as different levels of understanding (or misunderstanding), neither debatable, only a more peaceful way to broaden one’s perspective (i.e. understanding) progressively through consultation rather than confrontation – on every level.

As Bible verses, prayers and food blessings we learn to recite in early stages of life that too many of us fail to apply literally to our own lives, many of us are equally guilty of learning to recite innumerable literary and other inspiring passages, especially from hymnals, that we fail to live by except in times of trials–a custom familiar to far too many.

Many of the Baha’i Passages are not new, only clothed in new language to address a new maturity of mankind.

“Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.” – Prov.12:25  

Similarly in the Baha’i Scriptures we read, “A kindly tongue is the loadstone (magnet) of the hearts of men. It is the bread of the spirit, if clotheth words with meaning, it is the fountain of the light of wisdom and understanding.”

I was a (required trained) teacher’s aid when this passage was among those taught children ages 6-12 in children’s classes some ten years ago that I am just recently learning the powerful impact of internalizing personally–late, but never too late.

The heavenly Books of the Bible, the Qur`an and other Holy Writings have been given by the One God as guides into paths of Divine virtue, love, justice and peace. The message of Krishna is the message of love. All of God’s Prophets throughout the ages (each thousands of years apart) have brought the message of love–to a different maturity of mankind. In this New Day of God, “The essence of faith (and worship) is fewness of words and the abundance of deeds…He whose words are greater than his deeds, know ye that his death is better than his life.”

Therefore, “Do not despair! Work steadily. Sincerity and love will conquer hate…Take courage! God never forsakes His children who strive and work and pray! (Investigate! – 1-800-22unite)