Statewide non-profit organization empowers women and girls

Dr. Bridget Nkumbe, founder, She Believed

by Shawn Nowlin

An organization dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls, the non-profit She-Believed was founded two years ago in Virginia to provide tools and solutions needed to become socially-economically successful in life.   

The resources and services are wide-ranging, including, but not limited to, social skills development, trainings, leadership, mentorship and networking opportunities, just to name a few.

Explaining the purpose of the organization, a spokeswoman said, “The concept ‘She Believed’ embarks from the assertion that many women have potentials and abilities to pursue their dreams and passion, while balancing it with other societal demands.”

The program curriculum was created to get the specific needs of the areas the participants are seeking to explore. Once individuals complete their application and indicate the specific program they are interested in, they are on a path to earning a Certificate of Completion.

Upon learning of this women-led organization, Roanoke County resident Sabrina Anderson was immediately intrigued and wanted to learn more. “I have two daughters, and this is exactly the type of organization that I want them involved in,” she said. “I am a single mother so every bit of help makes a difference.”

While the personal and professional development program aims to provide comprehensive insights and tools necessary to take one’s development to the next level, the entrepreneurship program teaches aspiring leaders the values and basics of starting and running a business.

“Between raising children, maintaining personal relationships, having a career, keeping a clean house, cooking meals, getting exercise in, finding time to relax, etc., most women believe that balance simply means keeping everything from falling apart and many feel completely overwhelmed, exhausted and unbalanced,” founder Dr. Bridget Nkumbe said. “Learning how to balance enables women to pursue and succeed in accomplishing their day-to-day and life’s goals.”

Because an essential life skill is social etiquette, the organization consists of workshops, classes and individual sessions with a focus on etiquette and moral values. Another fundamental part to personal growth is self-discovery.

“Our Self-Discovery program is designed to help participants gain a better understanding of their purpose, passions, capabilities and their dreams for the future. This program encourages self-motivation, self-determination and self-advocacy and guide them towards opportunities that elicit a more enriching and rewarding lifestyle,” Nkumbe added.

The website,, has the most up-to-date information on all things related to the organization.