The divine art of “Thanksliving”

This week all across the nation native and foreign born Americans of every race and religion, of every culture, creed or national origin, will pause at least for one day to offer thanks to whatever “powers that be” for the blessings that are ours–compared to those less fortunate regardless of one’s condition, there can always be found those less and more fortunate.

Although the body politic reflects one human family, the great mass of humanity does not exercise the real love and fellowship required for real gratitude. It is through such lack of harmonious relationships that some members live in comfort and others in misery, some in extreme wealth, well fed and clothed in costly garments while others in dire need. Be very leery then of the stirrers of hatred and division for it is through such tactics that the few have always been able to control through their own selfish advantage the masses–that usually includes those easily manipulated.

On this special day may we reflect on and give thanks for the innumerable blessings we enjoy that have become so commonplace that they are no longer perceived as such. Whether or not we recognize the fact, we in this modern day advanced society are still pretty much masters of our own fate and victims of our own self-imposed or people programmed barriers and limitations. As creatures of habit (and mostly bad ones) we tend to reduce our environment and associates to those who make us feel most comfortable or reduce the most competition.

Also while kept dwelling on unpleasant things and the deranged actions of many disturbed people (which often give others ideas), it becomes easier to forget the oceans of love and blessings that surround us, collectively forming many of the miracles we continue to pray and wait for yet fail to recognize. While “waiting for the blessings to come down” we fail to recognize that “We are to BE God’s blessing to His children, the good and the bad, the lovable and especially the unlovable who need love more than anyone.”

This Thanksgiving, with all of the anxieties and mixed emotions running amuck in today’s confused society, comparable to the exigencies of every other age before it, may we offer special thanks for being among those living in this unique period of time, “The time foreordained unto the peoples and kindreds of the earth,” long awaited for in past ages. Be thankful also for living in this great nation that, with all of its faults, still offers the greatest promise for liberty and justice for all!

“The wrong in the world continues to exist because people talk only of their ideals and do not strive to put them into practice,” state the Baha’i Writings. “If actions took the place of words, the world’s misery would very soon be changed into comfort.”

Our truest Thanksgiving then must surely be perfecting the divine art of Thanksliving!