Turtle Talk Editorial: Perfecting the divine art of communication

The pivotal point of order in the world is communications and of necessity, there must be a lot of related connected circuitry to make it work on any scale.  One example is the blackout not long ago in large portions of the Northeastern part of the nation which began with successive breakdowns of circuitry whether by an overload due to antiquated equipment, human error, or a combination of the two.  Regardless of whether it pertains to technology or human relations, a breakdown in circuitry causes the same disastrous results and often with a domino effect.

   All of nature operates in divinely orchestrated order through mutual communication and cohabitation when unaltered by man, the only element of creation capable of bending nature to his own will.  Therefore the biggest and most dangerous threat to the world is the breakdown of communications among people, from individual to world family level.  How ironic that the more advanced technology becomes, the less we are able to communicate with each other.  In perfecting communications technology we seem to have lost control of the messages being communicated.  With ever increasing freedom of the world wide web, regulatory battles continue to increase which are insufficient in themselves unless equally balanced with inner controls.

  The current trend of scientific and technological advancement is comparable to building motor vehicles faster, shinier, and with more classic exterior design but with no steering or brakes, totally dependent upon whatever it hits outwardly (and how hard) to guide its direction or stop its course.

   The advancement in today’s art of human communication is consultation, respectful listening with open hearts and minds to all sides with different interests, feelings, and environments to protect.  In such advanced human technology the era of individual rulers and their respective administrative orders is becoming obsolete and far too costly–in dollars and human lives as the earth become an armed camp and expenses of war strain national budgets. The spread of terrorism redefines war, disrupting social stability as nations struggle with how to defend themselves or strike back when the enemy is not another nation but a formless group that blends into the population..

  The time is now to strive diligently to participate in and support those organizations and institutions which through mediation and consultation clearly demonstrate models of unity in diversity (and not uniformity)–a natural, perfect unity that can come only through the divine art of communication. (Investigate!)