Young men of KOP travel to North Carolina encampment

KOP– Tyrone Nance, left, Pitt County Sheriff Paula Dance, center, first Black female sheriff in Greenville, NC, Bernard Johnson (far right) with KOP young men.

Headed by The MWPHGLVA Grand Master Donald Wilson, members of Roanoke’s Knights of Pythagoras (KOP) Council ES Brown #2 of Roanoke, traveled to Greenville NC for the NC KOP State Encampment and returned on July 15th. Virginia was represented and also sent KOP groups from Norfolk, Richmond, and Petersburg were. The NC Order Of the Eastern Star and its Youth Group “Gleanors” were in attendance as well.

The Knights participated in breakout sessions that covered topics such as Bullying, Money Management, Relationship Development, and Mentorship. The North Carolina KOP first held a “get acquainted” time with other youth; held a dance for the youth over 13 and a festival for the younger members.

The Advisors of the local KOP strive to have its youth travel, associate, and speak with other youth in different Masonic Youth Organizations. Also, get accustomed to speaking in a group environment.

If any parents are interested in their youth joining our local Knights of Pythagoras, ages 8 to 18, please contact Brother Bernard Johnson at phone number 540-354-8793 or Demare Gill (540) 798-0142.