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Republicans and Tax Cuts

Contrary to the contention that Republicans have no national policy is their one consistent policy—tax cuts. They continued that policy under Trump despite the fact we are in what many call a second Gilded Age.

The first Gilded Age occurred around the last 30 years or so of the 19th Century. It was a time of ostentatious wealth and blatant political corruption. Wealth became concentrated at the top, and apparently, it “bought” politicians. Continue reading Republicans and Tax Cuts


by Katie Adams,
Policy Advocate for Domestic Issue

Last year I wrote my Witness for Justice column as the world shut down. I remember struggling to write about celebrating the empty tomb and singing Alleluias in a world that reflected back not joy but sorrow. I was reminded then of why we choose faith over and over, often when it seems hopeless. Those tendrils of faith anchored and held me fast through the chaos of the year. Now, as a miraculously quick vaccine rolls out to many, we can see the possibility of a world beyond the pandemic. Continue reading Possibilities

This Is Not Normal

On April 8 President Biden announced a series of executive actions to curb America’s gun violence epidemic that kills a child or teen every 2 hours and 36 minutes in our nation. These are critical lifesaving reforms and more must follow. Vice President Harris correctly said during the administration’s announcement, “Time and again, as progress has stalled, we have all asked, ‘What are we waiting for?’ Because we aren’t waiting for a tragedy; I know that. We’ve had more tragedy than we can bear.” As our nation continues to allow more and more guns than people—over 393 million in civilian hands and only 5.5 million in law enforcement and military hands—the tragic loss of life and heartbreak never ends. It must!! Continue reading This Is Not Normal