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Our biggest challenge–as men and nations

Turtle Talk

In the world of nature the dominant factor is the struggle for existence (survival of the fittest) the law of man and beast which is the origin of all difficulties. It is the cause of war and strife, hatred and animosity between human beings. The results, in the world of nature there has always been and continues to be tyranny, egotism aggression, overbearance, usurpation of the rights of others and other blameworthy attributes, all defects of the animal world, becoming only more sophisticated with time and technology. Continue reading Our biggest challenge–as men and nations

Sharing – Day Book devotional gems . . .

Turtle Talk

When one develops the habit of daily devotions it becomes easier to bring spiritual perspective to our daily lives while encouraging others to do the same–once it becomes evident in us. It also helps us to identify our purpose in life (unique to us alone) and protects us from easily forgetting it. But we must be patient with ourselves, lest we become discouraged, and patient with others, lest we become a source of discouragement to them. Continue reading Sharing – Day Book devotional gems . . .