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Today’s attitude of ingratitude . . .

“O, friends! Be not careless of the virtues with which ye have been endowed; neither be neglectful of your high destiny.”

This is but one of the innumerable utterances from the pen of Baha`u`llah, Prophet-Founder of the Baha’i Revelation for this new Day of God, highly recommended for memorization (and demonstration) regardless of one’s religious beliefs or lack of them.
Drastically changed through the annals of time are the lifestyles and morals of the people within them resulting in less time between generations and more general acceptance of lowering moral standards, unheard of in by-gone days. There was also then a rarity of divorce. BTV (before television) families played games, dined together at least once a day and spent more time reading and memorizing literary works of art. To date I continue to do so as from childhood I was afraid of the possibility of some day losing my sight. Memorization also becomes more difficult with age, robbing one of the verses and passages of inspiration that uplift us through increasingly difficult situations. It also takes much longer to do so through stress and overload. Continue reading Today’s attitude of ingratitude . . .

Black Youth, Black History, Black Progress

We have long assumed that young Black children are motivated to achieve success during Black History Month events. They see, many for the first time, the great achievements of Black people that go beyond the typical sports, music and acting luminaries.  But, documentaries, movies, and other events also show African-American children what people who look like the forebearers of their white classmates and teachers did to their ancestors. Continue reading Black Youth, Black History, Black Progress

In search of a Moral Health Care System

by Michael Schuenemeyer
Executive for Health and Wholeness Advocacy Ministries

We are a country whose citizens pledge “liberty and justice for all” and whose government is to be organized so as to “promote the common welfare”. To propose a health care system that places an unfair burden on the poor and the elderly is a violation of those values, but that is exactly what the so called American Health Care Act does. This is the “repeal and replace” legislation that GOP leaders hope to expedite through Congress in the coming days. Continue reading In search of a Moral Health Care System

The maturation of communication . . .

Since time immemorial the most important of mediums in all forms of life is that of communications, “the imparting or exchanging of information.”

In watching nature channels and documentaries we observe that all forms of fish, fowl, man and beast use some form of communication to relay different messages. Oddly enough we also observe that these respective communicative mediums remain basically unchanged in nature–with man alone endowed with the intellect to create and change everything–but man. Continue reading The maturation of communication . . .

Let no one pull you so low

by Brentley de Bardelaben
Executive for Administration and Communication

“Anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.” – 1 John2:11 NIV

Whether a story is about the misuse of Native American tribal lands in North Dakota, Jewish American cemeteries being desecrated in Missouri, Indian men shot in Texas, or officers attacked for attempting to corral crowds who are picketing anywhere in our nation, reports like these slowly erode my spirit. Continue reading Let no one pull you so low

Declaration of Human Obligations and Rights revisited . . .

“The source of human rights is the endowment of qualities, virtues and powers which God has bestowed upon mankind without discrimination of sex, race, creed or nationality. To fulfill the possibilities of this divine endowment is the purpose of human existence,” begins a Baha’i statement presented to the first session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights at Lake Success, NY in February 1947. Continue reading Declaration of Human Obligations and Rights revisited . . .