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America – A “Wealthified” Meritocracy

Indicators of America’s domination by the wealthy:

•  America’s Economic Power Elite constitute a plutocracy — government by the extremely wealthy – that wields unprecedented power and manipulates elected and appointed officials.  Stripped of the “camouflage dressing” of their sub-groupings — e.g., political, governmental, religious, social – the class looks like a monarchy. Their kin and kind remain in the upper echelon and their lower echelon counterparts remain at the bottom.   Continue reading America – A “Wealthified” Meritocracy

Living into Our Legacy

by John C. Dorhauer,
General Minister and President

Since the election of President Trump, the United Church of Christ has collectively engaged in an ongoing effort to maximize the impact of our agency. We have been, throughout our history, one of the most powerful agents for social transformation this country has ever known. There have been few times when that agency has been more necessary. Continue reading Living into Our Legacy

The shortest month with the longest effect–Love

The month of February, distinguished primarily for its brevity, holds far more significance with its inclusion of Valentine’s Day, a national day dedicated indiscriminately to love and lovers. Put into couples perspective, it could be depressing for many. But put into proper perspective it is the spiritual glue that solidifies the world!

“God so loved the world…” as unlovable as it has historically been and appears to be continuously drifting-–through man and nature. Continue reading The shortest month with the longest effect–Love

The impact of the Obama Presidency

by Edie Rasell,
Minister of Economic Justice

A number of President Trump’s nominees to key positions in his Administration seem like odd choices. Many of them have in the past condemned the very agencies and missions they are now selected to lead. Betsy DeVos, nominated to head the Department of Education, is a foe of public education. Rick Perry, named to lead the Department of Energy, has called for the elimination of the Department. Scott Pruitt has been nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency but as Oklahoma’s attorney general, he repeatedly sued the EPA to block regulations that, if confirmed, he would be expected to enforce. Continue reading The impact of the Obama Presidency

The impact of the Obama Presidency

Traci Blackmon,
National Officer of the United Church of Christ

I love the biblical story of the Exodus for both its literal and psychological representations of liberation. I am intrigued by God’s choice of Moses as deliverer because, although Moses is raised and socialized among the privileged of Egypt, Moses is Hebrew. The fact that God chooses one of their own to lead the Israelites out of bondage represents not only a physical change in their existence, but a psychological shift in their perceived possibilities. The leadership of Moses shattered illusions of second class citizenship under God. I am not suggesting that President Barack Obama is a modern day Moses. Nor am I suggesting that black people have received the systemic liberation needed for true equality in a nation infected with the toxicities of white supremacy and institutionalized racism. The presidency of Barack Obama has not eradicated any of the aforementioned toxic strongholds, but his presidency has shattered illusions of second class citizenship for people of color in a nation that still struggles with equality for all. Continue reading The impact of the Obama Presidency