Loudon Avenue tree planting

Many areas in NW Roanoke lack sufficient tree cover to minimize the “urban effect” of higher temperatures during the summer due to larger areas of impervious surfaces. One Valley, Inc., a local non-profit in NW Roanoke, operates the Carver Community Garden at 6th and Loudon NW, in cooperation with the Northwest Neighborhood Environmental Organization (NNEO). In an attempt to partially address this issue, One Valley arranged with the Urban Forestry Division of Roanoke Parks and Recreation to utilize surplus trees left over from another project. These 16 trees, mostly dogwoods, were planted along Loudon Avenue NW between 5th and 9th Streets on Saturday, November 19th. Where possible One Valley contacted nearby homeowners to consult about the placement of the trees.

A crew of 21 volunteers, organized by One Valley and the Roanoke Tree Stewards, planted the trees in the City right-of-way along the streets between the sidewalk and the curb. The Urban Forestry folks at the Roanoke Parks and Recreation Department not only donated the trees but also delivered the trees to the planting sites. The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative. The Roanoke Tree Stewards provided guidance and expertise to the other volunteers in planting the trees. Hopefully, this effort is just the first step of many to bring more trees to the area.

More information about One Valley, Inc. can be found on the website: https://onevalleyva.wixsite.com/onevalley.