NAACP biennial election process has begun


   The Roanoke Branch Unit Number 7114-B at the monthly General Membership Meeting on September 13 via Zoom elected a Nomination Committee per the Constitution and Bylaws. 

   The Roanoke Branch NAACP election candidates must have a current paid membership that has been effective and remained continuous from May 1, 2022, and throughout this election process. The nominating committee will evaluate candidates for the position of officers and executive committee members. 

   The Roanoke Branch NAACP General Membership met via Zoom on October 11, 2022, at 7 pm and received the official report from the Nominating Committee. All candidates had completed Nomination Petition documents and also had verification of qualifications to run. There were no nominations received from the floor. At this meeting, an Election Supervisory Committee was elected. These individuals had memberships that were effective and current as of 30 days. 

   The Roanoke Branch NAACP will hold its Biennial Election on Saturday, November 12, 2022, from 9 am to 2 pm by the electronic Voting Election Buddy. In order to vote in the Branch Election your membership must be in good standing 30 days prior to the election and must be verified by the Branch Secretary. It is imperative that your memberships are current with a current email address. The National NAACP Office via Election Buddy will conduct the Branch Election for the Term of 2023-2024. 

   The Roanoke Branch NAACP Secretary can answer questions regarding this Election Process at (540) 745-4215 or email: